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viernes, 15 de mayo de 2015


Hola Chicas:
Las mujeres de mas de 40´s o 50´s tambien pueden vestir a la moda, ya paso el tiempo que vestían como viejitas, hay infinidad de ropa que puedes usar a esta edad, únicamente trata de escoger los estilos clásicos modernos y que sean de tu medida y como les he dicho antes nunca usar pantalones a la cadera compren los que van a la cintura que les va a estilizar el cuerpo.
Les dejo una galeria de fotos de outfits para esta primavera-verano 2015   y son para diferentes ocasiones, espero que sean de utilidad para ustedes.
Gauze Tunic
Tamara Tunic I from Soft Surroundings
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white blazer with white tank
Girl With Curves: Casual Luxe I am doing this! Great idea.
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Curvy Girls Fashion plus size
Silk Undercover Top I - Silk Georgette Top, Womens Silk Top | Soft Surroundings
Turquoise with white top! BOHO Chic for Women Over 30, 40, 50, 60
Casual Outfits for Women Over 50 | ... outfit was my attempt at recreating an inspiration outfit i wanted to
White shirt
Fashionable woman over 50
My personal style is made up of chic sportswear with a heavy dose of fun and dramatic accessories. As I have gotten older, I have become just as interested in fun and energizing clothes as those that I feel and look good in.
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"Fashion encourages my young soul and triumph over my body’s age…I have realized that I will never be an old woman".(Dr. Lubi Bogic)
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